het figuur van wie het onmogelijk bleek de menselijke maat te nemen

Het Figuur... tells the story of an expedition to the oracle figure Het Figuur, of which it is impossible to take the human scale. Senor Hermoes guides us through the woods, where we hope to find some answers to the question of the humanisation of the Earth. The expanding amount of human constructions and borders build on the landscape around us as well as in our own heads calls for an inhuman counterpart.
Unable to retell our journey in words we describe it in song and vocal pieces and become the characters of Slang Iss & Voortdurend in Beweging, Het Leek te Wezen & Roekeloze Vaart and Het Opdringerige Lijk, that we meet on our way.

For Het Figuur... RoosWiesBlauw founded the Hart Koor, a group of people from neighbourhood, street and circle of friends. In seven rehearsals we worked towards a performance. The final piece was shown at the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam, Nieuw en Meer, Amsterdam and different outside locations.

Costumes and images for the songbook were made by visitors of De Pauluskerk Rotterdam, during the Open Atelier. Lyrics, compositions and direction by Roosmarijn Mascini and Wies Arts

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